What Saunter Japan?

Welcome to Saunter Japan. This blog is the result of my desire to explore the country of Japan, from cities to villages, and countryside to islands. I hope you enjoy seeing the country through the eyes of someone whose wanderlust far outweighs his intelligence.

Why Saunter Japan?

What I hope to achieve is to show a side of Japan not plagued with Top 10 lists and covering the same few locations you see plastered all over social media. What you get is an experience from someone who wants to explore the lesser trodden paths. I share no recommendations, instead simply imparting my experiences for you to discern in your own way.

Who Saunter Japan?

Simply, someone who has lived in Japan for several years, and tries to travel to new places at any  opportunity. In today's age, it's difficult to remain anonymous, but that's what I intend to do.

When Saunter Japan?

I travel as often as I can, but  due to time and financial constraints, and working full-time, I can't visit places and write about them as much as I'd like. I try to post at least once a month.

Thank you for visiting Saunter Japan