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Kanagawa, An Exercise in Failure

  My single biggest inspiration for starting this travel writing blog last year is the late Alan Booth, who wrote about his walk across the whole country in his book “The Roads To Sata.” It’s filled with his observations which are written in his very dry British wit, and even though it took place in the 80s, his experiences are still very relevant. I’d wager many of the towns and villages he passed through haven’t much changed in the years since. While I would love to follow in his footsteps and walk the entire length of the country, there are several things that make this nigh on impossible; a lack of knowledge, time, money, intellect, general fitness, perseverance, common sense, stamina, will power, etc. Taking on this journey just isn’t on the cards. Doing one prefecture at a time, on the other hand, most certainly is. Let me take you back to the dreadfully hot summer of 2021, where I painfully overestimated my ability to complete such a task. Kanagawa looked like a good place to ta

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